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Northern, VA Family Photographer.

From the time I get an e-mail about a session I immediately start to invest my time in your family’s portraits. Weither it’s a location, a chair or the right lighting. I invest my time into making your children feel comfortable infront of the camera! I sing silly songs, put sticks in my hair and play with them so they can give me a true genuine smile! I had a wonderful session last night in a really weird location(not telling). Enjoy this family they are gorgeous and I’ve taken pictures of that sweet baby girl since she was a newborn!

Tim Riddick - October 17, 2012 - 8:36 pm

what a great set of photos… great job! love the lighting.

Northern VA, Child Photographer.

Last night was AWESOME! I wanted to go out and shoot a little different. Just let the kids be kids! And they were. I had a blast well except for all of the mosquitos but the weather was beautiful and the trees are starting to change here in Virginia. I did this session as a surprise for my girlfriend who is out spending time with her husband. I didn’t tell her that I was doing this. The kids were wonderful and her 4 year old smiled and had a great time. They even thanked me at the end of the session. I was a little geeked out!

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